Anti-Corruption Practices


On 21 November 2011 the President signed Federal Law No. 329-FZ amending certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation due to the development of anticorruption practices.

In particular, amendments are made to the Federal Law “On Combating Corruption”, the Civil Code, the Administrative Offences Code, and the Federal Law “On Banks and Banking Activity”.

Among others, the amendments introduce loss of trust as a reason for the dismissal of state and municipal officials. Loss of trust occurs if an official: (i) fails to take measures to prevent (settle) a conflict of interests that she/he is involved in; (ii) fails to submit information about her/his (or her/his spouse’s and under-aged children’s) income, property and obligations involving property; (iii) receives payment for membership in a company’s governing body; (iv) is running a business, and (v) is a member of a governing or supervisory body, or a board of trustees, or other bodies of a foreign non-profit non-governmental organization, and its departments in Russia.

Also the amendments set forth that if state, regional or municipal authorities (and their officials) have acted or failed to act, thus causing damages, and the Russian Federation, one of its regions, or municipality has had to pay these damages, they are entitled to the right of regress to the offender.

The amendments entered into force on 3 December 2011.

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