Consolidated Plan of Inspections of Businesses in 2012 is Now Available for Review


The official website of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation hosts a consolidated plan of planned inspections of legal entities and entrepreneurs by various controlling bodies in 2012.

The plan includes around 590,000 inspections of businesses, with over 100,000 inspection measures to be conducted simultaneously by several controlling bodies. Among those subject to inspection are many organizations in the financial, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, IT and other sectors.

Search for Your Company in the Plan of Inspections

To obtain detailed information about a planned inspection of your company, go to the search service page, enter the title of the legal entity (or its branch office or representative office) and/or INN [tax ID] in the relevant fields, then press "Search."

The website will then display information on inspections with starting dates and duration of the inspections, and also the controlling body conducting the inspections. Furthermore, the search service enables a search of information on inspections in the consolidated plan by the title of the relevant body and by period of inspection.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Being informed in advance about inspections by controlling bodies makes business planning more efficient. We therefore advise employees responsible for relations with governmental bodies to check the information on the planned inspections in 2012 and prepare for any visit of controlling bodies in advance.

For further information please contact in Moscow +7 495 787 27 00 Edward Bekeschenko, Anton Maltsev or in Saint-Petersburg +7 812 303 90 00 Maxim Kalinin.

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