Exit from partnership.

A partner has the right to exit from a partnership by stating his refusal to participate in the partnership. A refusal to participate in a partnership must be stated not less than six months before actual exit from the partnership. An agreement among partners to refuse the right to exit from the partnership is void.

A partner who has exited from a partnership is paid the value of the part of the property of the partnership corresponding to the share of this partner in the capital, unless otherwise provided by the founding contract. By agreement of the exiting partner with the remaining partners, payment of the value of the property may be replaced by turning over property in kind.

In case of the death of a partner in a full partnership, his heir may enter the full partnership only with the consent of the other partners.

A legal person that is the legal successor of a reorganised legal person that participated in a full partnership has the right to enter the partnership with the consent of its other partners unless otherwise provided by the founding contract of the partnership.

A partner who left a partnership is liable for obligations of the partnership that arose up to the time he left equally with the remaining participants for two years from the day of approval of the report on the activity of the partnership for the year in which he left the partnership.