Yavlinsky Vote Ban Upheld

The Supreme Court of Russia has backed a decision that bans liberal candidate Grigory Yavlinsky from running for the presidency on 4 March.

Mr Yavlinsky’s party had failed to poll the necessary 7% of the vote in December's parliamentary vote to secure a seat in the State Duma. As Yabloko had no parliamentary representation, he had to secure two million signatures from his supporters. The election commission disqualified the Yabloko leader because every fourth list with signatures was a copy, while the law requires originals.

Yavlinsky said that his team had to use copies to speed up the collection. Today, the Supreme Court has agreed with the election commission that copies couldn’t be accepted.

Yavlinsky hasn’t admitted defeat. ‘The Supreme Court’s decision was predetermined, but we had to go through the procedure,’ he twitted. ‘We are right. We act according to law. Millions of people are with us. Everything just begins’.