Law School of Edinburgh University

James Chalmers, director of postgraduate studies for the School of Law of Edinburgh University, to prospective Russian students and readers of RussianLawOnline.Com:

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Copyright of Edinburgh Law School, September 2010

Hello, my name is James Chalmers. I am the director of postgraduate studies for the school of law of the University of Edinburgh, one of the oldest universities in Europe and recently ranked in the top twenty universities in the world.

Every year we have almost two hundred students, usually including one or two students from Russia, studying areas as diverse as commercial law, international law, intellectual property law, criminology – all towards the Master’s programs. We offer very flexible course structure where you can mix and match a selection of courses to suit yourself not necessarily limited to the area of your program. And you can study both the major core areas of law like company law, contract law to more niche specialised courses and specific subjects.

One of the advantages of studying in Scotland is its status of a mixed legal system growing both from the heritage of the English common law and also the Roman civil law and, therefore, offering a bri